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ABCD Organics

TMNU Tamanu oil - ABCD Organics

TMNU Tamanu oil - ABCD Organics

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This is TMNU. 100% fresh, pure, organic cold-pressed tamanu oil!

CLAIM TO FAME: Extremely effective on reducing and healing acne and acne scars, wound scars, sunspots, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation / dark spots, and uneven skin tone. And surprise! It works on stretch marks, too!

Also proven (by personal experience) to speed up healing of sunburn, actual heat burns (paso), dermatitis (galis), and fungal skin infection (dandruff, an-an, jock itch/hadhad, athlete's foot) and leave little to no scars (depending on the skin damage size).

Additionally, hundreds of testimonials and reviews cite tamanu oil as a great soothing agent for people who are suffering from eczema and psoriasis.

Tamanu oil can be used as a:

- pimple/acne spot treatment

- dark spot lightening serum

- eye serum (around and under eye serum)

- antifungal treatment

- anti-itch treatment

- facial oil

- evening moisturizer

- scar remover

- stretch marks remover

- wound disinfectant

- body oil

- leave on hair treatment (for dandruff)


1. For acne and acne scars/dark spots treatment:

• Make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed before treatment. Apply a small drop on your fingers and tap gently on pimples and dark spots once every night before bedtime. (The oil is kind of not-so mabango, by the way hahaha.)

To speed up the healing process, you may spot apply oil on your pimple in the morning as well (just a little—a little goes a long way). Fair warning: your face might appear greasy.

2. For scars and burns:

• Apply two to three times daily on clean skin, preferably in the morning and before bedtime.

3. For itch / fungal infection skin diseases / dermatitis / psoriasis / scabies

• Apply two to three times daily on clean skin.

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